Available courses

Information about building a dictionary using rapid data collection and publishing it to a phone app using Dictionary App Builder.

A collection of material on various books of the Bible as a resource for translation, training and Scripture Engagement.

This is an online course for program managers and supervisors working in a cross cultural setting. It facilitates discussion on foundational attitudes, team dynamics, and the effective use of logical frameworks in program design, planning and evaluation. The course is led by a 'facilitator of learning'.  Participants are encouraged to collaborate together to maximise their individual and group learning. The requirements of the course includes significant personal reflection to identify foundational attitudes, the design of a logical program plan to address a current project need, and the compiling of a personal 'resource kit' for future reference.

Do you want to develop skills to help you share the gospel in a simple way?

Wycliffe Australia is delighted to offer an online version of the Story the Bible (STB) training to help you upskill. The Story the Bible Online Comprehensive Course is a self-paced online course: from your own home and among your friends you can have guided training as you develop a range of skills in Bible storytelling.

Theory and practical experience are woven together throughout the course, with the result that by the end of the 30 lessons, you have crafted a set of six Bible stories, learned how to revise and evaluate your stories for quality, taught your stories to a number of friends and family, and led Bible studies on each of the stories you have crafted. The ‘theory aspect’ of the course is delivered by short videos, readings and written assignments. A mentor will also be online to give you guidance, encouragement and supervision throughout your training.

Wycliffe is offering the Online Comprehensive Course (STB-OCC) at three levels:
Part 1:  Lessons 1-10: Basic Bible Storytelling;
Part 2:  Lessons 11-20: Building Better Bible Stories; and
Part 3:  Lessons 21-30: Advanced Story the Bible training.